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Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy browsing it. 


My name is Basil Bottler (Intergalactic Man of Mystery). My hobbies are comedy, podcasting, walking, standing still, lovemaking (mostly masturbating) and building my own homemade manure powered space rocket.


My podcast "The Basil Bottler Show" is available on iTunes and I also do a live call-in radio show 'Basil Bottler's Radio Show' (also available on iTunes) - I'd love you to call in and get involved, so keep an eye out on here, Facebook and Twitter for my show's topics and confirmation of when I am broadcasting live.


I also do stand up comedy. 


If you'd like to contact me for any reason, I'd be delighted / horrified (delete as appropriate) to hear from you. 


Thank you, Love Basil


1. He had a terrible accident, falling face first into boiling hot liquid manure as he was attempting to fill up the tanks of his home-made manure powered space rocket, leaving him hideously disfigured.

2. He is so fantastically handsome he is required by law to cover up to prevent the extreme over sexual arousal and swooning of all those who set eyes upon him.

3. He's an idiot.

The Answer - Nobody knows.